Sondre and Karin stumble upon Ramana’s Garden

We travelled around India for four weeks in November 2009, and spent five wonderful days at a Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. On one of our daily strolls, we noticed a small sign welcoming us to have an ecological, homemade lunch at Ramana Garden. This turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences of our trip. We were served the most delicious pumpkin soup by a charming, young boy. We were the only guests there at the time and were given full attention by the lovely and friendly staff. They told us about the place and showed us pictures of the children living there. After lunch, the children had a break between classes and we got the opportunity to play with some of them. Suddenly we were surrounded by curious and smiling faces, and a few minutes later we were all holding hands, pretending to be different animals and laughing. They were so warm and welcoming. Imagining what these children’s future prospects would have been if they were not taken into care by Ramana’s Garden, is terrible. It was hard to say goodbye and leave. We will cherish this memory forever.

— Sondre and Karin

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